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PARTCommunity Link

PARTCommunity Link

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License : ANNUAL
System : Windows 7 or higher
Requires : CorelCAD 2015 SP2 or higher
+ Internet
Size : 188 KB
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Product Description

Get free access to block libraries from leading manufacturers or industry standard parts for your drawings. Developed in partnership with CADENAS, PARTCommunity Link for CorelCAD will grant you access to an extensive catalog: search for, select, and download 3D part files or 2D part views from more than 300 manufacturers - completely free. When you click download, the component is attached to the cursor and can be inserted directly into the drawing.

CADENAS blocks facilitate your design work

A lot of time is wasted constructing views of industrial parts, equipment, and machines to make your drawings more accurate and realistic. With the PARTCommunity Link plugin, you will save time by using ready-to-use symbols and components instead of designing them from scratch. Through this plugin, CADENAS grants you access to more than 300 part libraries from major manufacturers and distributors in seven languages and with multiple standards. Components are available from the fields of mechanics, plant engineering, electrical, building services, and architecture.

Standard parts can be found very easily by using CADENAS filtering technology. Previews are possible in 2D and/or 3D. After the selection of the part, a drawing in 2D or 3D DWG-format is generated. There is also the option to create a 3D PDF description. Layer assignment and component properties for all parts can be predetermined prior to insertion.

With one click the part attached to the cursor can be immediately inserted into the drawing. Selected parts are stored for possible reuse for about 20 days, making your work more efficient. This plugin will save you time and money.

The libraries from manufacturers come to you at no cost. If you like to further download neutral symbols and components based only on local standards without trademarks you will be able to purchase them from CADENAS for a small fee.

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Graebert Market for CorelCAD

Graebert GmbH, technology partner to Corel responsible for the core CAD engine powering CorelCAD™, looks forward to the market reaction to this powerful new 2D/3D tool.

In tandem with CorelCAD's launch on May 10, we are also providing a new marketplace where 3rd-party applications and productivity enhancements for CorelCAD may be evaluated and purchased. The Graebert Market is specifically designed for end users, who can use these applications to match CorelCAD to the demands and specific workflow of their projects. Regardless of whether there is a mechanical, electrical or process engineering need, or whether you are an architect, a building engineer or a site designer: we want CorelCAD to be an optimized tool for your daily operations.

Since CorelCAD has just been introduced, Graebert is currently seeking third party application developers to integrate their products with CorelCAD, using a wide range of common APIs that Graebert is making available to all interested developers.

To demonstrate the exciting possibilities for applications running as plugins for CorelCAD, Graebert showcases two plugins for the Market, created as an internal development project to show how simple it is to modify existing code for CorelCAD. »Render PlugIn« is a very capable renderer that enhances the built-in engine with high-quality 3D texture maps, enabling photo-realistic views of 3D CorelCAD models. »CADENAS PART Library« is an extensive electronic product catalog that integrates more than 300 real industry standard part libraries (2D & 3D) with CorelCAD.

Download of the plugin is free with easy installation!