A Chance to Capitalize on Your Development Experience with CAD Systems

The Graebert Market for CorelCAD™ has been created to sell application plugins that you develop to run with CorelCAD™. The market for productivity enhancements, tools, and complete applications for CorelCAD™ is large and growing, but currently untapped. This Market is the only place where you can get the information, technical support, and development environment to port or develop your plugins to run with CorelCAD™.

Enabling you to port your developed tools or applications for other CAD systems

If you already create tools or applications for other CAD systems, the path to follow to become a Graebert Developer is quite simple:

  • Register as a Developer below. Please provide real information so that we can respond quickly.
  • We will review your registration and then send you a Graebert Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Please sign the NDA and return it to the email address on the document - as an image or PDF attachment.
  • Once we receive your NDA, we will send you a User Name (your email address) and a password to enter the Graebert Developer Center as a Programmer.

Distribute your work

The Graebert Market for CorelCAD™ completes the distribution chain. Products you develop will be available as soon as they are submitted - you set the price. Information and statistics about every customer who tries or purchases your product will be forwarded to you for follow-up marketing.

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Graebert Market for CorelCAD

Graebert GmbH, technology partner to Corel responsible for the core CAD engine powering CorelCAD™, looks forward to the market reaction to this powerful new 2D/3D tool.

In tandem with CorelCAD's launch on May 10, we are also providing a new marketplace where 3rd-party applications and productivity enhancements for CorelCAD may be evaluated and purchased. The Graebert Market is specifically designed for end users, who can use these applications to match CorelCAD to the demands and specific workflow of their projects. Regardless of whether there is a mechanical, electrical or process engineering need, or whether you are an architect, a building engineer or a site designer: we want CorelCAD to be an optimized tool for your daily operations.

Since CorelCAD has just been introduced, Graebert is currently seeking third party application developers to integrate their products with CorelCAD, using a wide range of common APIs that Graebert is making available to all interested developers.

To demonstrate the exciting possibilities for applications running as plugins for CorelCAD, Graebert showcases two plugins for the Market, created as an internal development project to show how simple it is to modify existing code for CorelCAD. »Render PlugIn« is a very capable renderer that enhances the built-in engine with high-quality 3D texture maps, enabling photo-realistic views of 3D CorelCAD models. »CADENAS PART Library« is an extensive electronic product catalog that integrates more than 300 real industry standard part libraries (2D & 3D) with CorelCAD.

Download of the plugin is free with easy installation!